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Thông báo về fic Vì ai mà yêu

Vừa trải qua 1 kì thi bầm mình dập mẩy xong, sorry vì chưa update từ hồi noel tới giờ ^^

Để tiện cho việc theo dõi, comment và xí xọn (theme wp đẹp hơn) :"> tớ sẽ dời fic Vì ai mà yêu về blog mới.

Mọi người ghé qua đây ăn tân gia nhà mới của hai bạn nhỏ nha XD, tiện báo luôn là tớ cũng đã edit lại những chap đầu (do hồi đó còn non tay nên làm không được tốt lắm, bây giờ đã fix lại rồi :D ) cứ việc coi lại và comment lại, tớ yêu  nhiều :x

Chừng nào tớ move và re-edit  lại đủ cho tới chap 37 thì tớ sẽ update chap mới XD, yên tâm là cũng nhanh thôi, vì re-edit cũng nhanh, 1 ngày làm 10,15 chap cũng được :D xem tag này để theo dõi tớ update tới đâu.

Wordpress của tớ sẽ để dành post fic Vì ai mà yêu  (và những fic đang có dự định edit sau khi hoàn thành Vì ai mà yêu) và đủ thứ hầm bà lằng khác bằng tiếng Việt, nói tóm lại thì đó là blog tiếng Việt của tớ, chi tiết về dự định sẽ làm gì với nó ở đây.

Còn LJ tớ vẫn hoạt động bình thường, nhưng chỉ còn post tiếng Anh ^^; mọi người nếu vẫn còn hứng thú thì cứ ghé thăm nha :X

P/S: tớ biết fandom hiện giờ đang có nhiều sóng gió (no, giống sóng thần hơn ^^;) nhiều lúc cũng oải thật nhưng tớ quyết định sẽ tiếp tục trên tinh thần tới đâu hay tới đó rồi :D, tập trung vào cái mình thích thôi, việc edit fic tớ cũng vẫn tiếp tục, và còn nhiều project mới nữa. Tớ hi vọng vẫn gặp được đủ những gương mặt readers quen thuộc bên WP nha. (thực tình buồn nhất là khi thấn người quen bỏ fandom đó ; ~ ;)

Đây là entry tiếng Việt cuối cùng của tớ ở  LJ, thanks for reading :X
 click for real size

credit: sweet little dongsaeng RinkoYJ@Yunjaetik


 I want to ask people who are leaving (as they claimed) are you willing to see Jaeho_detox wilt and die under a dictator's hand? Doesn't this place hold a lot of precious memories to most of us (especially to fans who have been here since the beginning?) i believe this is one of the very first international community for Yunjae fans to show their talents, and is still pretty much active. i can go on and on about how this place is precious to me, i came to know detox in 2007 and it really lured me into Yunjae which i'm still very thankful until now, but i'll leave that aside for awhile. I really want to rant about the mod, but i'll leave it aside to.

the main point is doesn't this place hold some special memories to you? If yes why are you abandon it? and make it a better place (or at least stop it from getting worse thanks to someone.) why don't we do something to get the old detox we like back? sorry but i don't think the mod who created this mess really wants to make this place better, she just want to ruin it, and if we're leaving detox wilt and die, we're doing as her wish. detox doesn't deserve that. it's the mod. so please unite and do something for the place we (maybe used to ^^;) love.

i know maybe this will be deleted and i'll get banned AGAIN but i have to do this for the place that holds lots of my memories since i got into fandom.

back then detox was awesome to me, even though i admit it's a little bit messy ^^; but at least we're not under dictatorship, members opinions were heard, and taken into consideration, and ex-mods were well known in the fandom. But now, well, this girl came out of nowhere, few people know her, as others said, she doesn't even seem like a Yunjae fans, she doesn't read, or comment, or do anything Yunjae related (sorry but i have to smh at who handled detox to her.. she has no contribute for the community aside making things look neater, and she dictates. she asked for respect, but she doesn't show her respect to members. this girl thinks detox is for her to mess with?! are we really letting her get what she wants (aka destroy detox)

sorry for the messy words and grammar, i have no time to check it.


 Dear friends, i just want to let you know that my internet connection is cut off, so guess i can't be around as much as before. it's not like i'll be offline for a long long time, it's just that i can only check what's on internet 4 days a week, 1,2 hours a day TT__TT idk when will the problem be solved. i just feel like i lost haft of my life already. i'll try to find some productive activities to do in my used-to-be-online-time. i'll miss you guys terribly ;___;


please wish me luck so i can find a way out of this ; ;



 Happy Lunar new year <3 This year is gonna be prosperous for you all <3

Since it's Chinese new year, i'm gonna do a picspam of Chinese fanarts  to celebrate XD hope you enjoy it XD

click on pic for picspam link ^^~

rant rant rant~~

it's unfair that the admins force their opinions on all the members, i'm sure there're members who don't agree with this too.It's okay to be biased, but they better keep it to themselves (this apply to other major sites admins too)doing something like this is not helping anyone but make the fandom splitting worse, all that decisions to take this side that side is just adding more fuel to the fire. And doing this on the boy's birthday is really really mean, the way they said it is like jaejoong often goes to their site so he'd probably see it. darn. this is not cool. and the mockery tone is not cool too.

and can we stop the "maybe they know something that we don't know" thing. i know it's understandable to think so, but negative thinking like that doesn't help anything but dampen the mood.

the other thing is how could they call themselves Yunjaepetch if they don't support Yunjae (romantically) but Homin (whatever). it's just ridiculous. why can't they just leave the old site for who can stand the situation and make their own Hominpetch or something? geez.




"Biting The Hand That Fed You"

I'm fucking tired of this phrase, does this mean kids should stay with their abusive parents forever just because they feed them???? and btw, where does money to buy food come from?? from exploiting their children.


A message

Be a Cassie, what will you do? Do you still keep believe in them, support them, cheer for them and love them with all your heart? THEY, all the 5 of them are our idols, but please folks, they are only humans, and they have the right to follow their own choose. And because of that, we CAN"T make them to do things that We think are right for them. We don't have the right to bash any of them or oppose but only LOVE them and Keep the faith in our boys. Any wrong move from us can hurt them badly. Please send this message to all the Cassies.

/from a friend, because i want to help him spread this message ^^~




okay, done announcing *crawls back to her rainbow world with rainbow cupcakes and heart icing on top*

Birthday, i feel like crying

Today is my birthday, my mom and my baby brother called, they wanted to see me, and my baby brother wished me a happy birthday. But i turned them down, because i've gotten a new part time job, giving out fliers of a Foot massage  club, i have to work from 5pm to 11pm so i can't see them. today is just my 2nd day at work, i can't take a day off. I feel so terrible, what the hell have i done.



Merry Christmas, thank you for being a part of my life and helped me went through so much, I love you all <3

This is my little Christmas gift, i know i'm not good enough but I did try, would have made more if i had had time. Hope you like it :x.

~click for real size~

This one is not wallpaper, i just want Toho to cheer with you <3

these are for personal use, please don't take out, entry will be locked after Christmas.

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 37

Giáng sinh ngọt ngào nha :x

Chapter 37Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 36

Hôm nay, Thiên Nga đã tung cánh bay sang trời Anh đón Giáng sinh với cái Khoai Lang, quả nhiên là vịt giời :))

Chapter 36Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 35

Post sớm, tối đi đàn đúm sợ không về kip :))
Chapter 35Collapse )

Because i go cray cray for nail art XD

My Xmas nails

Our nail kit <3

guess it's still small compared to other ppl out there. but no worry, it will grow, fast, after i got my lucky monies next year XDXD

Oh, and congrats Hangeng for being a free bitch now though sme the asshole will appeal later. I wish him all the best <3


Vì ai mà yêu chapter 34

Đi chơi 2 ngày ko post kịp, sorry ^^;
Chapter34Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 33

Khẹc khẹc, chơi đánh úp, post trước 12h XD
hôm nay đi đường bị xe đụng, rớt cái bảng số xe, phải lựm lại đem về :))

Chapter 33Collapse )

Today i was caught by police ; ~ ;

Idk if this is a scary or funny event. I was caught because i turned left when the red light went red. So the polices asked for my motorbike license and stuffs, i had non of that . . . nor money to pay the fine. they said they would jail my bike, so i phoned my family and asked them to bail me and my bike out. All the time i was being obedient but more like *pouts sulked puppy eyes more pouts more sulk and more puppy eyes* while waiting, he asked when would my family come, i was like " *sulks* at least in ten more minutes, they don't have wings okay *pouts*" in the end, he let me go without taking anything, no money nor ID and license before my aunt arrived. LOL now i've learned that Vietnamese polices are soft hearted (at least with girls XD)
1. Be obedient.
2. NEVER act rudely to them.
3. You can sulk and whine a bit but please try your best to remain cute while doing so.
4. Pouts and puppy eyes work wonder.
5. DON'T call them Ajussi, call them Oppa (or anything like that in your language)
6. Remain as cute as possible.
7. May as well use your whiny voice.
=====> Then, they may release you because: a) You're cute b) You annoy the hell out of them
Good luck <3

you may also practice your best puppy eyes and pouts in front of a mirror 10 mins/ a day just in case ~ lol jk *bricked*


Vì ai mà yêu chapter 32

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 31

*cười e lệ* ta vắng mặt 1 tuần

chap này chưa kịp beta, thực xin lỗi ^^;

Chapter 31Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 30

Update đột xuất, bởi vì tớ yêu reader <3

Chapter 30Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 29

Happy weekend
Chapter 29Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 28


Chapter 28Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 27

Chào các tình yêu ^^~
Chapter 27Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 26

Mọi người cuối tuần vui vẻ nha <3
Chapter 26Collapse )

Like masters like cats X3

Jiji and Tiger <3

bribing Tiger into drinking? Jiji you're just like your master XDDD

Cassie are genius <3

thanks Jung Jaejoong @ facebook for sharing <3

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 25

chap trước công trình người ta đổ mồ hôi sôi nước mắt làm đoạn H mà chỉ có 2 comment trên 90 lượt người xem >"<

Chapter 25Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 24

Tuần này tớ có chuyện, ko edit nhìu đc ; ;
Chapter 24Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 23

Sáng đầu tuần dậy cảm thấy rất vui nên post chap 23 lun đê~~ have a nice week everyone. ^^
chapter 23Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 22

Mình chăm đến mức cúp 1 buổi học chui vô thư viện làm chap này nha, nhớ comment đó ~~ :">~~~

Chapter 22Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 21

Mình đang lên cơn chăm chỉ :">

Chapter 21Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 20

*múa múa* tuần trc máy bạn lại bị bluescreen lúc đang làm nửa chap 20 m(-___-)m
post trễ hơn dự định 1 ngày, sorry ^^;
Chapter 20Collapse )

Vì ai mà yêu chapter 19

Và kể từ ngày đó, bạn nhỏ Jung cứ thế mà đường đường chính chính thả dê :">

Chapter 19Collapse )



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